Kwizda- Biocides  CEPA Certified Promotor


As a full member of the European Association CEPA, Kwizda-Biocides is very proud to announce that it is Promoting the Cepa Certified Status throughout the whole European Pest Managament profession.

The Pest Management Service sector is moving quickly, mainly because of Regulation, but also because of more and more demanding customers, and Kwizda-Biocides wishes to play an active and positive role into this change!

As Biocide products are sometimes classified as hazardous, and to safeguard the health of people as well as to seek for a reduced environmental impact, the legislators have asked to obtain critical mass in the Certification of Pest Management Service Companies towards the European norm EN 16636.

Kwizda-Biocides wishes to promote this initiative through its extensive network of European distributors, by:
  • Encouraging all Pest Management Service companies to apply for Certification which will enhance their professionalism, and the overall “image” of the sector;
  • Developing ever better products taking into account the newest legislative constraints, and by this means proposing to the Pest Managers much easier to use and safer products;
  • Setting up “Best Practice” manuals for safe use of Biocides, and encouraging Kwizda’s extensive distribution network to divulge them to their clients;
  • Inform all stakeholders where possible about this initiative and Promotion, both through exhibitions and participation at events.
 As Kwizda-Biocides is a well-established and highly trusted producer of biocides in Europe, it wishes to re-iterate its commitment towards a safer and more sustainable usage of products by ways of promoting the CEPA Certified status as well as through its highly appreciated Professional DOBOL Portfolio.

We wish great success to all Pest Management Operations deciding to go for the CEPA Certified Certification!

Kwizda Biocides’s General Manager
Mr Ronald Hamedl